STRONGnet 2010 Conference
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Gunnar Bali University of Regensburg STRONGnet, ITNs and the Training Board
Savvas Vergas Mayor of Paphos Welcome Address
Gunnar Bali University of Regensburg STRONGnet 2010 Opening Address


Harvey Meyer Mainz University High-precision thermodynamics
Ron Babich Boston University Hardware developments for lattice QCD
Haralambos Panagopoulos University of Cyprus Lattice perturbation theory
Rainer Sommer NIC, DESY, Zeuthen Introduction to Non-perturbative HQET
Philippe de Forcrand ETH Zurich & CERN QCD at finite temperature and density

Selected talks from outside STRONGnet

Sadataka Furui Teikyo University Charge form factor of a proton in quaternion basis
Antonios Tsapalis Hellenic Naval Academy and National Technical University of Athens The N-to-Delta(1232) transition from Lattice QCD

Hardware & Industrial Partners

Tilo Wettig University of Regensburg Hardware developments for lattice QCD
Heiko Schick IBM Research & Development HPC hardware & software development at IBM
IBM intership opportunities
IBM internship description
Giampietro Tecchiolli Eurotech S.p.A. - Italy HPC at Eurotech
Eurotech (IP Panel Discussion)
Jörn Rank d-fine GmbH From Physics to d-fine
XXV Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days (1)
XXV Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days (2)
Science in Finance Workshop
Mark Westwood Petroleum Geo-Services PGS EM Technology

Participant talks

Frank Winter University of Regensburg QDP++/Chroma on the IBM PowerXCell 8i processor
Stefan Solbrig University of Regensburg Synchronization in QPACE
Johannes Najjar University of Regensburg Static-static-light baryonic potentials
Tommy Burch University of Regensburg Heavy hadrons on improved-action lattices
Christine Davies University of Glasgow Charm physics from lattice QCD
Ferenc Pittler University of Pécs Poisson Statistics in the High Temperature QCD Dirac Spectrum
Gergely Endrodi University of Regensburg The QCD equation of state with dynamical quarks
Luca Castagnini University of Regensburg Mesons and baryons masses with low mode averaging
Kyoko Yoneyama University of Wuppertal The Higgs Mass in the Lattice Meanfield Approximation of Gauge-Higgs Unification
Francesco Knechtli University of Wuppertal Fermions as a global correction: the QCD case
Benjamin Gläßle University of Regensburg Investigation of QED effects on dynamical Clover Nf=2 QCD configurations
Seamus Cotter NUI Maynooth Non-perturbative Calculations of Karsch Coefficients in 2-colour QCD
Ahmed Bakry University of Adelaide Thermally Delocalized Flux Tubes in Mesons and Baryons
Helvio Vairinhos University of Coimbra Heatbath algorithms for SU(N) mixed lattice gauge actions
Abolfazl Mirjalili Institute for studies in theoretical Physics and Mathematics, Tehran A numerical solution of QCD evolution equations, using the Laguerre polynomial expansion
Roger Horsley University of Edinburgh Tuning the strange quark mass and the hadron mass spectrum for 2+1 quark flavours
Clemens Bauer University of Regensburg The static energy at high orders from NSPT simulations
Andreas Athenodorou DESY Zeuthen Lattice cutoff effects in lattice perturbation theory with O(a) improved fermions
Francesco Di Renzo University of Parma Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory: an introduction and a case of study
Alexei Strelchenko The Cyprus Institute Stochastic Estimation of all-to-all propagators