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STRONGnet Acknowledgment

All articles related to STRONGnet shall carry the acknowledgment:

This research was supported by the European Union under Grant Agreement number 238353 (ITN STRONGnet).

or similar.

STRONGnet Reports (password protected)

1st Progress Report and Attachment to the 1st Progress Report

Mid-term Report and Annexes to the Mid-term Report

Periodic Report P1, Annexes to the Periodic Report and the Summary Financial Report

2nd Progress Report and Attachment to the 2nd Progress Report

Assessment Questionnaires

Instructions for filling in the Mid-term Assessment Questionnaire can be found here.


A list of the (planned) secondments of the STRONGnet Fellows can be found here (password protected).

Other STRONGnet Documents

The STRONGnet Logo in different versions (.tar.gz file)

The STRONGnet Grant Agreement (.pdf file)

Annex I to the Grant Agreement (.pdf file)

Annex II (.pdf file)

Annex III (.pdf file)

All Standard Annexes (.zip file)

The STRONGnet Consortium Agreement (.pdf file)

The STRONGnet Consortium Agreement (.doc file)

Guide for Applicants

People Work Programme

Marie Curie ITN project management (many documents and links can be found on this website, especially
The Marie Curie Actions FP7 Financial Guidelines)

More documents ... (password protected)