About our web pages

A workgroup of the faculty established the structure und the design. Members of this workgroup were the former dean Prof. Dr. Klaus Richer, Prof. Dr. Weiss, our designer Franz Stadler, the former appointee for public relations, Christoph Bauer as well as the two IT-managers Rudolf Holzer and Fritz Wünsch.

We strictly kept to modern Web-concepts when realizing our home page. The pages were designed as barrier-free as possible, content and layout are separeted with the help of CSS, throughout the page we paid attention to correct semantics. JavaScript is virtually not being used. All pages were coded compliant to XHTML-Standards, because of browser-compatibility (especially Microsofts IE) they are delivered in HTML.

Needless to say that such a huge pool of information of the Faculty could not completely adapted to the new concept at the deadline Pentecost 2008. For a start we had transferred the most important pages, updating the content. Where necessary, we restructured parts of the pages. In doing so we acted very carefully as visitors should get all the necessary information as rapidly as possible in future, too. The concept was implemented step by step on all the pages, which are provided from the faculty as a whole. Chairs, workgroups and other facilities are welcome to join this process on a voluntary basis. For the technical implementation we used CSS- and php-Code for integration in (X)HTML, not a content management system.

Special thanks go to Franz Stadler, Anja Ruckdäschel and Bernhard Mendl. Certainly we have made mistakes in the process of realization. Rudi Holzer and Fritz Wünsch would be pleased to receive all types of feedback.

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