IT Admins within the physics working groups (also 'Workgroupmanager')

If you have any IT problems, please contact first these people of your working group. Only these persons are able e.g. to insert someone into the IT user database of the university called NDS (Novell Directory Service). The structure of this database is hierarchical according to OU = organisation units.
NDS OU Group Admin
back Chair Back / Zweck Markus Härtinger
goeritz Group Prof. Göritz Stefan Kreitmeier (Tel. 2322)
kern Chair Braun / Bali,
Chair Schäfer / Brack / Wettig
Stefan Solbrig, Rudolf Rödl
exanphy2 Chair Giessibl / Repp Nemanja Kocic, Florian Griesbeck, Ferdinand Huber
morgenstern Group Prof. Morgenstern Jan Jurczyk
grifoni Chair Grifoni / Schliemann / Evers / Niehaus Paul Wenk, Benjamin Siegert
exanphy8 Chair Huber / Bougeard Christian Neumann, Thomas Maag, Markus Huber
exanphy9 Group Prof. Ganichev Tobias Herrmann, Helene Plank, Philipp Faltermeier
richter Chair Richter / Fabian Lisa Heße, Sven Essert, Josef Michl, Tobias Frank, Raphael Kozlovsky
exanphy7 Chair Lupton / Schüller Philippe Klemm, Christof Ermer, Dominik Würsch
weiss Chair Weiss / Strunk Alois Dirnaichner, Alexei Iankilevitch , Paul Linsmaier, Hubert Maier
didaktik Didactics Johann Senft
elektronik Corporate facility for Electronics Josef Haberkorn
mechanik Mechanics Hans Deinhart
allgemein all others Rudi Holzer, Fritz Wünsch

The administrator of the working group Lang (biology - biophysics) is Simon-Peter Grunert (Phone 4181, Room PHY 7.1.07)
Contact persons for the central physics IT are
  • Rudolf Holzer, Phone 2068, PHY 2.1.11, rudolf.holzer(at)physik.uni-....
  • Fritz Wünsch, Phone 2069, PHY 2.1.12, fritz.wuensch(at)physik.uni-....

You also may contact the employees of the Computer Center. Here is the current list. Of course these persons are experts on their area of responsability, therefore very occupied. Please contact first the admins mentioned above.

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