The paper of Martin Drienovsky, Jonas Joachimsmeyer, Andreas Sandner, Ming-Hao Liu, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Klaus Richter, Dieter Weiss and Jonathan Eroms on the first observation of Weiss-oscillations in graphene has been accepted by Physical Review Letters. Congratulatios!


Lin Chen’s paper on "Electric-field control of interfacial spin-orbit fields" with coauthors Martin Gmitra, Michael Vogel, Robert Islinger, Matthias Kronseder, Dieter Schuh, Dominique Bougeard, Jaroslav Fabian, Dieter Weiss and Christian Back has been accepted by Nature Electronics. Congratulations!


Sebastian Ringer’s paper on “Measuring anisotropic spin relaxation in graphene” with coauthors Stefan Hartl, Matthias Rosenauer, Tobias Völkl, Maximilian Kadur, Franz Hopperdietzel, Dieter Weiss, and Jonathan Eroms has been accepted by Physical Review B. Congratulations!


The European Research Council (ERC) awarded an Advanced Grant to Prof. Dr. Dieter Weiss for his project “ProMotion” (Probing Majorana quasi-particles and ballistic spin-momentum locking in topolocical insulator nanostructures). ERC grants are Europe’s most prestigious form of research funding and provide very substantial funding, in this case 2.5 Mio. Euro for 5 years.


In the course of a reunion many of the chair’s alumni presented talks on their current work in industry and academia. The day ended with a lively come together party.


Today our new ISO 7 cleanroom has been opened officially. The 320 m2 cleanroom features 3 scanning electron microscopes with Nanonic pattern generators for e-beam lithography, focused ion beam, mask aligner for photolithography, electron beam and thermal evaporators for metal deposition, reactive ion etching (RIE) and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), chemically assisted ion beam etching (CAIBE) and atomic layer deposition (ALD). A movie giving impressions from the new cleanroom is here.


Lin Chen’s paper on "Emergence of anisotropic Gilbert damping in ultrathin Fe layers on GaAs (001)" with coauthors Sergiy Mankovsky, Sebastian Wimmer, Martin Schoen, Helmut Koerner, Matthias Kronseder, Dieter Schuh, Dominique Bougeard, Hubert Ebert, Dieter Weiss, and Christian Back has been accepted by Nature Physics. Congratulations!


Our manuscript „Probing spin helical surface states in topological HgTe nanowires“ by J. Ziegler, R. Kozlovsky, C. Gorini, M.-H. Liu, S. Weishäupl, H. Maier, R. Fischer, D. A. Kozlov, Z. D. Kvon, N. Mikhailov S. A. Dvoretsky, K. Richter, and D. Weiss has been accepted by Physical Review B. (Phys. Rev. B 97, 035157 (2018)


Our manuscript "Gate-tunable large magnetoresistance in an all-semiconductor spin valve device" by Martin Oltscher, Franz Eberle, Thomas Kuczmik, Andreas Bayer, Dieter Schuh, Dominique Bougeard, Mariusz Ciorga, and Dieter Weiss has been accepted for publication by Nature Communications 8, 1807 (2017).


Prof. Douglas Hofstadter who calculated as PhD student the famous „Hofstadter Butterfly“in Regensburg and who is the author of the Kultbuch „Gödel, Escher, Bach: An eternal golden braid“ (for which he won the Pulitzer Prize ) came back to Regensburg on the occasion of the University’s 50th anniversary and took part in the “Hofstadter Symposium” organized by Klaus Richter and Dieter Weiss.


Our manuscript "Ballistic geometric resistance resonances in a single surface of a topological insulator" by Hubert Maier, Johannes Ziegler, Ralf Fischer, Dmitriy Kozlov, Ze Don Kvon, Nikolay Mikhailov, Sergey A. Dvoretsky, and Dieter Weiss has been accepted for publication in Nature Communications 8, 2023 (2017).