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Regensburg University, March 21 - 24, 2004

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General informations:

The workshop will start on Sunday, March 21 at 8:30, and end on Wednesday, March 24 at lunch time (13:00). We plan a maximum of 5 talks per day with a lot of discussion time. Duration of the scientific sessions:

Sunday 8:30 - 12:30, 17:00 - 20:00,
Monday and Tuesday 8:30 - 12:30, 14:00 - 17:45,
Wednesday 8:30 - 13:00.

Map: On this map you find all relevant locations in Regenburg. To the lower right is the railway station (Hauptbahnhof); 150 m towards north on Maximilianstrasse you find the "Altstadtbus", the city bus that takes you close to your hotel "Arch" at Haidplatz 4 (near Bismarckplatz and Arnulfsplatz). The conference site "Haus der Begegnung" is at 200m to the east of the hotel (see more details below).

Below is the schedule of talks and other events. Note that this is a tentative program, just to have something to start from. However, changes may occur and will be announced during the workshop. If you find that you cannot be ready for your talk by the allotted time, or if you are not satisfied with it for other reasons, please let us know. We will try to make everybody happy. But keep in mind that somebody must start, and someone has got to finish!

The conference site is in the historical building "Haus der Begegnung" (Hinter der Grieb 8, same location as Restaurant "Vitus") in the centre of the old town of Regensburg. (Take a flight over the city by clicking on the images!) Besides black board, overhead projector and a beamer, no multimedia will be available there - sorry about that!

All hotel guests will be accommodated in the hotel "Zur Arch" (Haidplatz 4, phone: (+49)(0)941 58660, e-mail: arch@onlinehome.de) at about 3 minutes' walking distance from the conference site. When you register at the hotel "Arch", you will receive these informations, a map of Regensburg, and information how to walk to the conference site. (It's easy enough: exit the hotel, go left around the building into Rote Hahnengasse" and walk straight for about 100 metres. When Rote Hahnengasse turns right, take the little street "Hinter der Grieb" slightly left for another 100 metres; the entrance is under a panel: "Vitus" to your left.)

Warm meals at economic prices will be offered at the conference site (Restaurant "Vitus") during the lunch breaks from 12:30 - 13:45 (Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00). On Sunday, a common little menu (soup and main dish) will be served for 6,40 EUR. On Monday - Wendesday, you may choose between one main dish for 4,90 EUR, a little menu (main dish plus entrée or desert) for 6,40 EUR, or a full menu (all three) for 9,00 EUR. Vegetarian dishes are available. To accelerate the service, you will be asked to order your main dish from a list that will be circulated every morning (eccept Sunday) until 10h.

A professionally guided tour of the old town of Regensburg (in english) will be offered on Sunday, March 21, at 14:00. Duration: about 90 minutes. After this tour, coffee and cake will be offered by the "Vitus" at 16:00.

A common conference dinner will be served on Tuesday, March 23 at 19:00, at the "Leerer Beutel" (Bertoldstr. 9), a restaurant in a historical place at about 20 minutes' walking distance from the conference site. (See the red dot to the right on this map.)
Please notify us if you desire vegetarian food!


Sunday 21. March 2004:

08:30  Start of workshop: welcome and outline
           Gutzwiller: a short introduction to the trace formula
           Coffee break

10:00  Littlejohn
11:15  Cargo

12:30  Lunch

14:00  Guided tour of Regensburg city

16:00  Coffee and cake

17:00  de Gosson
18:30  Piccione

Monday 22. March 2004:

08:30  Petkov
           Coffee break

10:00  Creagh
11:15  Gruber

12:30  Lunch

14:00  Poster session
           Coffee break

15:15  Tanner
16:30  Lesch

Tuesday 23. March 2004:

08:30  Müller
           Coffee break

10:00  Sugita
11:15  Pletyukhov

12:30  Lunch

14:30  Friedrich
           Coffee break

16:00  Muratore-Ginanneschi

19:00  Conference dinner at the "Leerer Beutel"

Wednesday 24. March 2004:

08:30  Robbins
           Coffee break

10:00  Keppeler
11:30  Gutzwiller
           End of workshop

13:00  Lunch and goodbye

Speakers, titles, abstracts and talks:

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