Research topics

  • Physics of excitonic particles

    We are looking into the many-body physics of correlated electron-hole states in matter: neutral and charged excitons, excitonic molecules, and higher-order correlations. In particular, interactions of excitonic particles with fundamental excitations, such as photons, electron-hole plasma, and phonons are in the focus of our research.

  • Coulomb engineering

    We are exploring possibilities to control and manipulate Coulomb interactions between individual particles in a solid state environment. We are aiming at custom-tailored designs of many-body states and their dynamics for basic research and future technology.

  • Nanostructured materials

    Our research exploits the advantages of nanomaterials with strong Coulomb coupling, efficient light-matter interactions, and environmental sensitivity. Among systems of interest are atomically-thin 2D-materials, hybrid inorganic-organic Perovskites, and a variety of low-dimensional structures.

  • Methods

    For our studies, we are using a number of optical techniques, including microscopy, linear-and non-linear spectroscopy, as well as ultra-fast measurement schemes.