Declaration on collaborative work during promotion.
Notes on the question of independent scientific work.

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The public debate about plagiarism cases has led to significant uncertainty among students concerning the question of the extent to which collaborative work is permitted. The Department of Physics aims to clarify the issue with the following information:
According to article ยง 7 paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the regulations for the award of the academic degree of Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. rer nat.) at the University of Regensburg of 18 June 2009, of the amended version of the statutes of 26 February 2014 (PromO) the dissertation must be the independent scientific work of the candidate.
The decision as to whether the doctoral student meets this requirement is the responsibility of the reviewer, the examination committee and the PhD degree board.
The description of the foundations of physics requires precise and standardized scientific language. It is therefore almost inevitable that the description of the physical foundations in a dissertation may contain similarities to, for example, formulations in textbooks or review articles. Since this "similarity" is conducive to the intelligibility of the dissertation, this is generally desirable. This localized "similarity" of formulations is compatible with an independent scientific achievement. However, copying text verbatim or in content in a dissertation must be referenced as such. This is mandatory.
Research in physics nowadays is almost exclusively performed by groups of researchers, often from outside the department, making it impossible in many cases to ascribe all contributions accurately to individual researchers. Such collaborative work is highly desirable in the doctoral phase and does not constitute an obstacle to the exploitation of any derived results in a dissertation. As detailed above, in this case the individual scientific achievement must be recognizable. In collaborative work, in general, the individual contribution of the doctoral student should be indicated in the dissertation.
It often happens that a journal article is written and possibly published in collaboration with other authors, before the completion of the dissertation. In this case, often it is not possible anymore to associate particular sections of text with a particular author. Cumulative dissertations are not permitted by the doctoral rules. However, it is absolutely permissible, in terms of the independence of the dissertation, to copy sentences, equations and figures from such jointly authored text. This should be indicated by a note in the corresponding chapter of the thesis.
If in doubt doctoral students should discuss this with their supervisor who will make the final decision.
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