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: publications in 2018 :

Electrically tunable exchange splitting in bilayergraphene on monolayer Cr2X2Te6 with X = Ge, Si, and Sn
K. Zollner, M. Gmitra and J. Fabian
New Journal of Physics 20, 073007 (2018)

Theoretical investigations of orbital and spin-orbital effects in functionalized graphene
S. Irmer
, (2018)

Electric-field control of interfacial spin-orbit fields
L. Chen, M. Gmitra, M. Vogel, R. Islinger, M. Kronseder, D. Schuh, D. Bougeard, J. Fabian, D. Weiss and C. Back
Nature Electronics 1, 350-355 (2018)

Protected Pseudohelical Edge States in Z2-Trivial Proximitized Graphene
T. Frank, P. Högl, M. Gmitra, D. Kochan and J. Fabian
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 120, 156402 (2018)

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