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Magnetoanisotropic Josephson effect due to interfacial spin-orbit fields in superconductor/ferromagnet/superconductor junctions
A. Costa, P. Högl and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 95, 024514 (2017)

Gate-tunable black phosphorus spin valve with nanosecond spin lifetimes
A. Avsar, J. Tan, M. Kurpas, M. Gmitra, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. Fabian and B. Özyilmaz
Nature Physics 13, 888-893 (2017)

Giant Spin Lifetime Anisotropy in Graphene Induced by Proximity Effects
A. Cummings, J. Garcia, J. Fabian and S. Roche
Physical Review Letters 119, (2017)

Copper adatoms on graphene: Theory of orbital and spin-orbital effects
T. Frank, S. Irmer, M. Gmitra, D. Kochan and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 95, (2017)

Femtosecond photo-switching of interface polaritons in black phosphorus heterostructures
M. Huber, F. Mooshammer, M. Plankl, L. Viti, F. Sandner, L. Kastner, T. Frank, J. Fabian, M. Vitiello, T. Cocker and R. Huber
Nature Nanotechnology 12, 207-211 (2017)

Magnetic Proximity Effects in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides: Converting Excitons
B. Scharf, G. Xu, A. Matos-Abiague and I. Žutić
Physical Review Letters 119, (2017)

Intuitive approach to the unified theory of spin relaxation
L. Szolnoki, B. Dóra, A. Kiss, J. Fabian and F. Simon
Physical Review B 96, (2017)

Marrying Excitons and Plasmons in Monolayer Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides
D. Van Tuan, B. Scharf, I. Žutić and H. Dery
Physical Review X 7, (2017)

Coexistence of tunneling magnetoresistance and Josephson effects in SFIFS junctions
O. Vávra, R. Soni, A. Petraru, N. Himmel, I. Vávra, J. Fabian, H. Kohlstedt and C. Strunk
AIP Advances 7, 025008 (2017)

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