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Magnetic proximity in a van der Waals heterostructure of magnetic insulator and graphene
B. Karpiak, A. Cummings, K. Zollner, M. Vila, D. Khokhriakov, A. Hoque, A. Dankert, P. Svedlindh, J. Fabian, S. Roche and S. Dash
2D Materials 7, 015026 (2019)

Strain-tunable orbital, spin-orbit, and optical properties of monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides
K. Zollner, P. Faria Junior and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 100, 195126 (2019)

Single and bilayer graphene on the topological insulator Bi2Se3: Electronic and spin-orbit properties from first principles
K. Zollner and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 100, 165141 (2019)

Giant proximity exchange and valley splitting in TMDC/hBN/(Co, Ni) heterostructures
K. Zollner, P. Faria Junior and J. Fabian
arXiv:1910.13223, 1-10 (2019)

Purely interfacial and highly tunable spin-orbit torque operating field-effect transistor in graphene doubly proximitized by two-dimensional magnet Cr₂Ge₂Te₆ and WS₂
K. Zollner, M. Petrovic, K. Dolui, P. Plechac, B. Nikolic and J. Fabian
arXiv:1910.08072, 1-7 (2019)

First-principles theory of proximity spin-orbit torque on a two-dimensional magnet: Current-driven antiferromagnet-to-ferromagnet reversible transition in bilayer CrI₃
K. Dolui, M. Petrovic, K. Zollner, P. Plechac, J. Fabian and B. Nikolic
arXiv:1909.13876, 1-8 (2019)

k.p theory for phosphorene: Effective g-factors, Landau levels, and excitons
P. Faria Junior, M. Kurpas, M. Gmitra and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 100, 115203 (2019)

Spin-orbit coupling in elemental two-dimensional materials
M. Kurpas, P. Faria Junior, M. Gmitra and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 100, 125422 (2019)

Skew Andreev reflection in ferromagnet/superconductor junctions
A. Costa, A. Matos-Abiague and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 100, 060507(R) (2019)

Proximity exchange effects in MoSe2 and WSe2 heterostructures with CrI3: Twist angle, layer, and gate dependence
K. Zollner, P. Faria Junior and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 100, 085128 (2019)

Spin relaxation in fluorinated single and bilayer graphene
S. Wellnhofer, A. Stabile, D. Kochan, M. Gmitra, Y. Chuang, J. Zhu and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 100, 035421 (2019)

Common nonlinear features and spin-orbit coupling effects in the Zeeman splitting of novel wurtzite materials
P. Faria Junior, D. Tedeschi, M. De Luca, B. Scharf, A. Polimeni and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 99, 195205 (2019)

Ultralong spin lifetime in one-dimensional semiconductor nanowires
F. Dirnberger, M. Kammermeier, J. König, M. Forsch, P. Faria Junior, T. Campos, J. Fabian, J. Schliemann, C. Schüller, T. Korn, P. Wenk and D. Bougeard
Applied Physics Letters 114, (2019)

Unusual spin properties of InP wurtzite nanowires revealed by Zeeman splitting spectroscopy
D. Tedeschi, M. De Luca, P. Faria Junior, A. Granados del Águila, Q. Gao, H. Tan, B. Scharf, P. Christianen, C. Jagadish, J. Fabian and A. Polimeni
Phys. Rev. B 99, 161204(R) (2019)

Ab initio studies of extrinsic spin-orbit coupling effects in graphene and quantum Monte Carlo simulations of phosphorene
T. Frank
, (2019)

Heterostructures of graphene and hBN: Electronic, spin-orbit, and spin relaxation properties from first principles
K. Zollner, M. Gmitra and J. Fabian
Phys. Rev. B 99, 125151 (2019)

Absence of a giant spin Hall effect in plasma-hydrogenated graphene
T. Völkl, D. Kochan, T. Ebnet, S. Ringer, D. Schiermeier, P. Nagler, T. Korn, C. Schüller, J. Fabian, D. Weiss and J. Eroms
Physical Review B 99, 0854011-0854018 (2019)

Many-Body Quantum Monte Carlo Study of 2D Materials: Cohesion and Band Gap in Single-Layer Phosphorene
T. Frank, R. Derian, K. Tokár, L. Mitas, J. Fabian and I. Štich
Physical Review X 9, 011018-1-011018-8 (2019)

Interplay of resonant states and Landau levels in functionalized graphene
J. Lee, D. Kochan and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 99, 035412 (2019)

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