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Skew Andreev reflection in ferromagnet/superconductor junctions
A. Costa, A. Matos-Abiague and J. Fabian
Physical Review B 100, 060507(R) (2019)

Ultralong spin lifetime in one-dimensional semiconductor nanowires
F. Dirnberger, M. Kammermeier, J. König, M. Forsch, P. Faria Junior, T. Campos, J. Fabian, J. Schliemann, C. Schüller, T. Korn, P. Wenk and D. Bougeard
Applied Physics Letters 114, (2019)

Ab initio studies of extrinsic spin-orbit coupling effects in graphene and quantum Monte Carlo simulations of phosphorene
T. Frank
, (2019)

Absence of a giant spin Hall effect in plasma-hydrogenated graphene
T. Völkl, D. Kochan, T. Ebnet, S. Ringer, D. Schiermeier, P. Nagler, T. Korn, C. Schüller, J. Fabian, D. Weiss and J. Eroms
Physical Review B 99, 0854011-0854018 (2019)

Many-Body Quantum Monte Carlo Study of 2D Materials: Cohesion and Band Gap in Single-Layer Phosphorene
T. Frank, R. Derian, K. Tokár, L. Mitas, J. Fabian and I. Štich
Physical Review X 9, 011018-1-011018-8 (2019)

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