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Publications in Physical Review Journals in 2013

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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2013

Fixing the Energy Scale in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy on Semiconductor Surfaces
G. Münnich, A. Donarini, M. Wenderoth and J. Repp
Physical Review Letters 111, 216802 (2013)

Graphene with time-dependent spin-orbit coupling: truncated Magnus expansion approach
A. López, A. Scholz, Z. Sun and J. Schliemann
The European Physical Journal B 86, 366 (2013)

Many-body localized molecular orbital approach to molecular transport
D. Ryndyk, A. Donarini, M. Grifoni and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 88, 085404 (2013)

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