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Publications in Physical Review Journals in 2015

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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2015

Majorana tunneling entropy
S. Smirnov
Physical Review B (PRB) 92, 195312 (2015)

Transport across a carbon nanotube quantum dot contacted with ferromagnetic leads: Experiment and nonperturbative modeling
A. Dirnaichner, M. Grifoni, A. Prüfling, D. Steininger, A. Hüttel and C. Strunk
Physical Review B (PRB) 91, 195402 (2015)

Broken SU(4) symmetry in a Kondo-correlated carbon nanotube
D. Schmid, S. Smirnov, M. Marganska, A. Dirnaichner, P. Stiller, M. Grifoni, A. Hüttel and C. Strunk
Physical Review B (PRB) 91, 155435 (2015)

Lifetimes of magnons in two-dimensional diluted ferromagnetic systems
A. Chakraborty, P. Wenk and J. Schliemann
The European Physical Journal B 88, (2015)

Ab initio spin-flip conductance of hydrogenated graphene nanoribbons: spin- orbit interaction and scattering with local impurity sites
J. Wilhelm, M. Walz and F. Evers
Physical Review B (PRB), 014405 (2015)

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