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Publications in Physical Review Journals in 2016

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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2016

Full-counting statistics of time-dependent conductors
M. Benito, M. Niklas and S. Kohler
Physical Review B (PRB), 195433 (2016)

Control of spin helix symmetry in semiconductor quantum wells by crystal orientation
M. Kammermeier, P. Wenk and J. Schliemann
Physical Review Letters (PRL), (2016)

Persistent Spin Textures in Semiconductor Nanostructures
J. Schliemann
Reviews of Modern Physics, (2016)

Edge-state blockade of transport in quantum dot arrays
M. Benito, M. Niklas, G. Platero and S. Kohler
Physical Review B (PRB) 93, (2016)

Nonequilibrium spin crossover in copper phthalocyanine
B. Siegert, A. Donarini and M. Grifoni
Physical Review B (PRB) 93, 121406(R) (2016)

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