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Publications of the group in 2018

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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2018

Control of Spin Relaxation in Disordered Quantum Wells and Nanowires
M. Kammermeier
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg, (2018)

Near Length-Independent Conductance in Polymethine Molecular Wires
S. Gunasekaran, D. Hernangómez-Pérez, I. Davydenko, S. Marder, F. Evers and L. Venkataraman
Nano Letters 18, 6387-6391 (2018)

Spin relaxation in wurtzite nanowires
M. Kammermeier, P. Wenk, F. Dirnberger, D. Bougeard and J. Schliemann
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 98, 035407 (2018)

Current and noise properties of interacting nanojunctions
M. Niklas
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg, (2018)

Probing the strongly driven spin-boson model in a superconducting quantum circuit
L. Magazzù, P. Forn-Díaz, R. Belyansky, J. Orgiazzi, M. Yurtalan, M. Otto, A. Lapascu, C. Wilson and M. Grifoni
Nature Communications 9, 1403 (2018)

Dark states in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
A. Donarini, M. Niklas, M. Schafberger, N. Paradiso, C. Strunk and M. Grifoni, (2018)

Majorana quasiparticles in semiconducting carbon nanotubes
M. Marganska, L. Milz, W. Izumida, C. Strunk and M. Grifoni
Phys. Rev. B 97, 075141 (2018)

Perspective: Theory of quantum transport in molecular junctions
M. Thoss and F. Evers
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 030901 (2018)

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