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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2010

Geometric Correlations and Breakdown of Mesoscopic Universality in Spin Transport
İ. Adagideli, P. Jacquod, M. Scheid, M. Duckheim, D. Loss and K. Richter
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 105, 246807 (2010)

Anomalous spin Hall effects in Dresselhaus (110) quantum wells
M. Liu and C. Chang
Physical Review B (PRB) 82, 155327 (2010)

Spin–orbit based coherent spin ratchets
M. Scheid, D. Bercioux and K. Richter
Chemical Physics 375, 276-283 (2010)

Tailoring semiconductor spintronics devices: Tools for the creation and control of spins in two-dimensional electron gases
M. Scheid
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg (2010)

Observation of shell effects in superconducting nanoparticles of Sn
S. Bose, A. Garcia-Garcia, M. Ugeda, J. Urbina, C. Michaelis, I. Brihuega and K. Kern
Nature Materials 9, 550-554 (2010)

Single-spin polaron memory effect in quantum dots and single molecules
D. Ryndyk, P. D'Amico and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 81, 115333 (2010)

Quantum Corrections to Fidelity Decay in Chaotic Systems
B. Gutkin, D. Waltner, M. Gutierrez, J. Kuipers and K. Richter
Physical Review E (PRE) 81, 036222 (2010)

Classical Correlations and Quantum Interference in Ballistic Conductors
D. Waltner and K. Richter
In: Nonlinear Dynamics of Nanosystems, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany (2010)

Graphene Rings in Magnetic Fields: Aharonov-Bohm Effect and Valley Splitting
J. Wurm, M. Wimmer, H. Baranger and K. Richter
Semiconductor Science and Technology 25, 034003 (2010)

Spin Accumulation in Diffusive Conductors with Rashba and Dresselhaus Spin-Orbit Interaction
M. Duckheim, D. Loss, M. Scheid, K. Richter, İ. Adagideli and P. Jacquod
Physical Review B (PRB) 81, 085303 (2010)

Semiclassical gaps in the density of states of chaotic Andreev billiards
J. Kuipers, D. Waltner, C. Petitjean, G. Berkolaiko and K. Richter
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 104, 027001 (2010)

Moments of the Wigner delay times
G. Berkolaiko and J. Kuipers
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 43, 035101 (2010)

Non-Abelian gauge fields in the gradient expansion: generalized Boltzmann and Eilenberger equations
C. Gorini, P. Schwab, R. Raimondi and A. Shelankov
Physical Review B (PRB) 82, 195316 (2010)

Magnetoconductance of the Corbino disk in graphene
A. Rycerz
Physical Review B (PRB) 81, 121404 (2010)

Inverse Spin Hall Effect and Anomalous Hall Effect in a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
P. Schwab, R. Raimondi and C. Gorini
Europhysics Letters 90, 67004 (2010)

Ehrenfest-time dependence of quantum transport corrections and spectral statistics
D. Waltner and J. Kuipers
Physical Review E (PRE) 82, 066205 (2010)

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