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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2011

Edge effects in graphene nanostructures: Semiclassical theory of spectral fluctuations and quantum transport
J. Wurm, K. Richter and İ. Adagideli
Physical Review B (PRB) 84, 205421 (2011)

Spin and charge transport in U-shaped one-dimensional channels with spin-orbit couplings
M. Liu, J. Wu, S. Chen and C. Chang
Physical Review B (PRB) 84, 085307 (2011)

Switching Spin and Charge between Edge States in Topological Insulator Constrictions
V. Krueckl and K. Richter
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 107, 086803 (2011)

Edge effects in graphene nanostructures: From multiple reflection expansion to density of states
J. Wurm, K. Richter and İ. Adagideli
Physical Review B (PRB) 84, 075468 (2011)

Switching and memory effects in electron-vibron systems: from single-site junctions to chains and networks
P. D'Amico
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg (2011)

Spin-Bahn Kopplung in mesoskopischer Physik: Ein semiklassischer Zugang
D. Waltner
VDM-Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrücken, (2011)

Polynomial invariants for discrimination and classification of four-qubit entanglement
O. Viehmann, C. Eltschka and J. Siewert
Physical Review A (PRA) 83, 052330 (2011)

Conductance and Thermopower of Ballistic Andreev Cavities
T. Engl, J. Kuipers and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 83, 205414-205434 (2011)

Density of states of chaotic Andreev billiards
J. Kuipers, T. Engl, G. Berkolaiko, C. Petitjean, D. Waltner and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 83, 195316 (2011)

Ehrenfest-time dependence of counting statistics for chaotic ballistic systems
D. Waltner, J. Kuipers and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 83, 195315 (2011)

Weak localization in mesoscopic hole transport: Berry phases and classical correlations
V. Krueckl, M. Wimmer, İ. Adagideli, J. Kuipers and K. Richter
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 106, 146801 (2011)

Pfade, Phasen, Fluktuationen
F. Haake and K. Richter
Physik Journal 10, 35-40 (2011)

Fidelity decay for local perturbations: microwave evidence for oscillating decay exponents
B. Köber, U. Kuhl, H. Stöckmann, A. Goussev and K. Richter
Physical Review E (PRE) 83, 016214 (2011)

BCS superconductivity in metallic nanograins: Finite-size corrections, low-energy excitations, and robustness of shell effects
A. Garcia-Garcia, J. Urbina, K. Richter, E. Yuzbashyan and B. Altshuler
Physical Review B (PRB) 83, 014510 (2011)

Transport moments beyond the leading order
G. Berkolaiko and J. Kuipers
New Journal of Physics 13, 063020 (2011)

Trace formula for dielectric cavities. II. Regular, pseudointegrable, and chaotic examples
E. Bogomolny, N. Djellali, R. Dubertrand, I. Gozhyk, M. Lebental, C. Schmit, C. Ulysse and J. Zyss
Phys. Rev. E 83, 036208 (2011)

Fidelity of the near-resonant quantum kicked rotor
B. Probst, R. Dubertrand and S. Wimberger
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 44, 335101 (2011)

Spin-Charge Locking and Tunneling into a Helical Metal
P. Schwab, R. Raimondi and C. Gorini
Europhysics Letters 93, 67004 (2011)

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