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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2013

Spin conductance of diffusive graphene nanoribbons: A probe of zigzag edge magnetization
J. Bundesmann, M. Liu, İ. Adagideli and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 88, 195406 (2013)

Negativity as an Estimator of Entanglement Dimension
C. Eltschka and J. Siewert
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 111, 100503 (2013)

Many-body localized molecular orbital approach to molecular transport
D. Ryndyk, A. Donarini, M. Grifoni and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 88, 085404 (2013)

Subdeterminant approach for pseudo-orbit expansions of spectral determinants in quantum maps and quantum graphs
D. Waltner, S. Gnutzmann, G. Tanner and K. Richter
Physical Review E (PRE) 87, 052919 (2013)

Scattering of quantum wave packets by shallow potential islands: A quantum lens
A. Goussev and K. Richter
Physical Review E (PRE) 87, 052918 (2013)

Theory of carrier density in multigated doped graphene sheets with quantum correction
M. Liu
Physical Review B (PRB) 87, 125427 (2013)

Spin thermoelectrics in a disordered Fermi gas
J. Borge, C. Gorini and R. Raimondi
Physical Review B (PRB) 87, 085309 (2013)

Theory of scanning gate microscopy
C. Gorini, R. Jalabert, W. Szewc, S. Tomsovic and D. Weinmann
Physical Review B (PRB) 88, 035406 (2013)

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