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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2014

Orbital magnetism of graphene nanostructures: Bulk and confinement effects
L. Heße and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 90, 205424 (2014)

Fabry-Pérot Interference in Gapped Bilayer Graphene with Broken Anti-Klein Tunneling
A. Varlet, M. Liu, V. Krueckl, D. Bischoff, P. Simonet, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, K. Richter, K. Ensslin and T. Ihn
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 113, 11660 (2014)

Heat bath can generate all classes of three-qubit entanglement
C. Eltschka, D. Braun and J. Siewert
Physical Review A (PRA) 89, 062307 (2014)

Coherent Backscattering in Fock Space: a Signature of Quantum Many-Body Interference in Interacting Bosonic Systems
T. Engl, J. Dujardin, A. Argüelles, P. Schlagheck, K. Richter and J. Urbina
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 112, 140403 (2014)

Towards superlattices: Lateral bipolar multibarriers in graphene
M. Drienovsky, F. Schrettenbrunner, A. Sandner, D. Weiss, J. Eroms, M. Liu, F. Tkatschenko and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 89, 1154211-1154217 (2014)

Quantum Graphs Whose Spectra Mimic the Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function
J. Kuipers, Q. Hummel and K. Richter
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 112, 070406 (2014)

Practical method to obtain a lower bound to the three-tangle
C. Eltschka and J. Siewert
Physical Review A (PRA) 89, 022312 (2014)

Spin Hall and Edelstein effects in metallic films: From two to three dimensions
J. Borge, C. Gorini, G. Vignale and R. Raimondi
Physical Review B (PRB) 89, 245443 (2014)

Scanning gate induced effects in nonlinear transport through nanostructures
C. Gorini, D. Weinmann and R. Jalabert
Physical Review B (PRB) 89, 115414 (2014)

Room temperature spin thermoelectrics in metallic films
S. Tölle, C. Gorini and U. Eckern
Physical Review B (PRB) 90, 235117 (2014)

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