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Overview of Physical Reviews of the year 2015

Gate tuneable beamsplitter in ballistic graphene
P. Rickhaus, P. Makk, M. Liu, K. Richter and C. Schönenberger
Applied Physics Letters 107, 25190 (2015)

Periodic mean-field solutions and the spectra of discrete bosonic fields: Trace formula for Bose-Hubbard models
T. Engl, J. Urbina and K. Richter
Physical Review E (PRE) 92, 062907 (2015)

Aspects of Integrability in a Classical Model for Non-Interacting Fermionic Fields
S. Grosse-Holz, T. Engl, K. Richter and J. Urbina
Acta Physica Polonica 128, 994-1001 (2015)

Two-dimensional topological insulator edge state backscattering by dephasing
S. Essert, V. Krueckl and K. Richter
Physical Review B 92, 205306 (2015)

Describing many-body bosonic waveguide scattering with the truncated Wigner method
J. Dujardin, T. Engl, J. Urbina and P. Schlagheck
Annalen der Physik 527, 629 (2015)

Complex scattering as canonical transformation: A semiclassical approach in Fock space
T. Engl, J. Urbina, Q. Hummel and K. Richter
Annalen der Physik 527, 737-747 (2015)

Band gap and broken chirality in single-layer and bilayer graphene
A. Varlet, M. Liu, D. Bischoff, P. Simonet, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, K. Richter, T. Ihn and K. Ensslin
physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters 10, 46-57 (2015)

A semiclassical approach to many-body interference in Fock-space
T. Engl
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg (2015)

Semiklassik von Andreev-Billards
T. Engl
Diplomarbeit, Universität Regensburg (2015)

Guiding of Electrons in a Few-Mode Ballistic Graphene Channel
P. Rickhaus, M. Liu, P. Makk, R. Maurand, S. Hess, S. Zihlmann, M. Weiss, K. Richter and C. Schönenberger
Nano Letters 15, 5819-5825 (2015)

Spin Hall effects due to phonon skew scattering
C. Gorini, U. Eckern and R. Raimondi
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 115, 076602 (2015)

Theory of spin-orbit-induced spin relaxation in functionalized graphene
J. Bundesmann, D. Kochan, F. Tkatschenko, J. Fabian and K. Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 92, 081403 (2015)

Using Activated Transport in Parallel Nanowires for Energy Harvesting and Hot Spot Cooling
R. Bosisio, C. Gorini, G. Fleury and J. Pichard
Phys. Rev. Applied 3, 054002 (2015)

Magnetotransport in disordered two-dimensional topological insulators: signatures of charge puddles
S. Essert and K. Richter
2D Materials 2, 024005 (2015)

Transport of Bose-Einstein condensates through two dimensional cavities
T. Hartmann
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg (2015)

Monogamy Equalities for Qubit Entanglement from Lorentz Invariance
C. Eltschka and J. Siewert
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 114, 140402 (2015)

Partial transposition as a direct link between concurrence and negativity
C. Eltschka, G. Tóth and J. Siewert
Physical Review A (PRA) 91, 032327 (2015)

Snake trajectories in ultraclean graphene p–n junctions
P. Rickhaus, P. Makk, M. Liu, E. Tóvári, M. Weiss, R. Maurand, K. Richter and C. Schönenberger
Nature Communications 6, 6470 (2015)

Scalable Tight-Binding Model for Graphene
M. Liu, P. Rickhaus, P. Makk, E. Tóvári, R. Maurand, F. Tkatschenko, M. Weiss, C. Schönenberger and K. Richter
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 114, 036601 (2015)

Absorbing/Emitting Phonons with one dimensional MOSFETs
R. Bosisio, C. Gorini, G. Fleury and J. Pichard
Physica E Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 74, 340 (2015)

Multifractality of quantum wave functions in the presence of perturbations
R. Dubertrand, I. García-Mata, B. Georgeot, O. Giraud, G. Lemarié and J. Martin
Phys. Rev. E 92, 032914 (2015)

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