Publications of the group Rößler in 1999
(in alphabetical order)

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Spin-resolved commensurability oscillations
J. Lu, M. Shayegan, L. Wissinger, U. Rössler and R. Winkler
Physical Review B 60, 13776-13779 (1999)

Absence of commensurability in magnetic antidot arrays with classical chaos
R. Hennig and M. Suhrke
Physical Review B 60, 11535-11539 (1999)

Fermiology of two-dimensional lateral superlattices
C. Albrecht, J. Smet, D. Weiss, K. Klitzing, R. Hennig, M. Langenbuch, M. Suhrke, U. Rössler, V. Umansky and H. Schweizer
Physical Review Letters 83, 2234-2237 (1999)

Magnetotransport properties of arrays of crosshaped antidots
S. Haan, S. Lorke, R. Hennig, M. Suhrke, W. Wegscheider and M. Bichler
Physical Review B 60, 8845-8848 (1999)

Künstliche Atome im Magnetfeld - Strom-Spin-Dichtefunktional-Rechnungen für Halbleiter-Quantenpunkte
O. Steffens
Dissertation, Universität Regensburg (1999)

Spin resolved ballistic transport in GaAs two-dimensional holes
J. Lu, M. Shayegan, L. Wiesinger, U. Rössler and R. Winkler
Microelectronic Engineering 47, 77-79 (1999)

Novel Spin Features in Raman Spectra of Few-Electron Quantum Dots
O. Steffens and M. Suhrke
Physical Review Letters 82, 3891-3894 (1999)

Frictional drag in two-dimensional double-layer systems
S. Badalyan and U. Rössler
Physical Review B 59, 5643-5647 (1999)

Collective excitations in quantum dots: Calculated Raman spectra
O. Steffens, A. Wensauer, U. Rössler and M. Suhrke
Physica Status Solidi (B) 215, 365 (1999)

Quantum dots in a magnetic field: Spin effects and Hund's rule in the ground state and in collective excitations
O. Steffens, M. Suhrke and U. Rössler
Advances in solid state physics 39, 711 (1999)

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