Publications of the group Rößler in 2002
(in alphabetical order)

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Evidence and evaluation of the Bychkov-Rashba effect in SiGe/Si/SiGe quantum wells
Z. Wilamowski, W. Jantsch, H. Malissa and U. Rössler
Physical Review B 66, 195315 (2002)

Removal of spin-degenerancy in p-SiGe quantum wells demonstrated by spin-photocurrents
S. Ganichev, U. Rössler, W. Prettl, E. Ivchenko, V. Belkov, R. Neumann, K. Brunner and G. Abstreiter
Physical Review B 66, 75328 (2002)

Collapse of the spin-singlett phase in quantum dots
M. Ciorga, A. Wensauer, M. Pioro-Ladriere, M. Korkusinski, J. Kyriakidis, A. Sachrajda and P. Hawrylak
Physical Review Letters 88, 256804 (2002)

Quantum dots in high magnetic fields: Calculation of ground state properties
J. Kainz, S. Mikhailov, A. Wensauer and U. Rössler
Physical Review B 65, 115305 (2002)

Microscopic interface asymmetry and spin splitting of electron subbands in semiconductor quantum structures
U. Rössler and J. Kainz
Solid State Communications 121, 313-316 (2002)

Chaotic motion and supression of commensurability effects in an Andreev antidot billiard
J. Boeck, J. Eroms, M. Tolkiehn, D. Weiss, U. Rössler and S. Borghs
Physica E 12, 918-921 (2002)

Groundstate energies of quantum dots in high magnetic fields: A new approach
J. Kainz, S. Mikhailov, A. Wensauer and U. Rössler
Physica E 12, 888-891 (2002)

Commensurability effects in Andreev antidot billiards
J. Eroms, M. Tolkiehn, D. Weiss, U. Rössler, J. Boeck and G. Borghs
Europhysics Letters 58, 569-575 (2002)

Minibandstruktur und Leitfähigkeitsoszillationen in lateralen Übergittern mit eindimensionaler magnetischer Modulation
C. Lechner
Diplomarbeit, Universität Regensburg, (2002)

Optical Response and Spin Relaxation in Semiconductor Systems under Excitation with Arbitrary Polarization
U. Rössler
Physica Status Solidi (B) 234, 385-397 (2002)

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