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Effect of the sample topology on superconducting critical parameters
Moshchalkov, V., Gielen, L., Strunk, C., Jonckheere, R., Qiu, X., Van Haesendonck, C. and Bruynseraede, Y.
Physica C, Superconductivity and its Applications 235, 2513-2514 (1994)

Superconductivity and critical fields in amorphous tungsten silicon mulitlayers
Majkova, E., Luby, S., Jergel, M., Löhneysen, H., Strunk, C. and George, B.
physica status solidi A 145, 509-519 (1994)

Quantum interference and confinement phenomena in mesoscopic superconducting systems
Moshchalkov, W., Gielen, L., Baert, M., Metlushko, V., Neuttiens, G., Strunk, C., Bruyndoncx, V., Qiu, X., Dhalle, M., Temst, K., Potter, C., Jonckheere, R., Stockman, L., Vanbael, M., Van Haesendonck, C. and Bruynseraede, Y.
Physica Scripta. Topical issues T55, 168-176 (1994)

Pair-breaking mechanisms in Nb/Gd/Nb films
Strunk, C., Paschen, U., Surgers, C. and Löhneysen, H.
Physica B Condensed Matter 194, 2403-2404 (1994)

Superconductivity in layered Nb/Gd films
Strunk, C., Surgers, C., Paschen, U. and Löhneysen, H.
Physical Review B (PRB) 49, 4053-4063 (1994)

Transition-temperature and critical fields of Nb/Gd layers
Strunk, C., Surgers, C., Rohberg, K. and Löhneysen, H.
Physica B Condensed Matter 194, 2405-2406 (1994)

Effect of substrate-temperature on the microstructure of thin niobium films
Surgers, C., Strunk, C. and Löhneysen, H.
Thin Solid Films 239, 51-56 (1994)