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Doppler shift in Andreev reflection from a moving superconducting condensate in Nb/InAs Josephson junctions
Rohlfing, F., Tkachov, G., Otto, F., Richter, K., Weiss, D., Borghs, G. and Strunk, C.
Physical Review B (PRB) 80, 220507 (2009)

Characterization of ferromagnetic contacts to carbon nanotubes
Preusche, D., Schmidmeier, S., Pallecchi, E., Dietrich, C., Hüttel, A., Zweck, J. and Strunk, C.
Journal of Applied Physics 106, 084314 (2009)

Multiwall carbon nanotube Josephson junctions with niobium contacts
Pallecchi, E.
Dissertation (2009)

Planar S-(S/F)-S Josephson junctions induced by the inverse proximity effect
Vavra, O., Pfaff, W. and Strunk, C.
Applied Physics Letters 95, 62501 (2009)

Strong coupling between single-electron tunneling and nanomechanical motion
Steele, G., Hüttel, A., Witkamp, B., Poot, M., Meerwaldt, H., Kouwenhoven, L. and van der Zant, H.
Science 325, 1103-1107 (2009)

Carbon Nanotubes as Ultrahigh Quality Factor Mechanical Resonators
Hüttel, A., Steele, G., Witkamp, B., Poot, M., Kouwenhoven, L. and van der Zant, H.
Nano Letters 9, 2547-2552 (2009)

Pumping of Vibrational Excitations in the Coulomb-blockade Regime in a Suspended Carbon Nanotube
Hüttel, A., Witkamp, B., Leijnse, M., Wegewijs, M. and van der Zant, H.
Physical Review Letters 102, 225501 (2009)

Critical current in ferromagnet/superconductor hybrid structures
Meindl, W.
Dissertation (2009)

Effect of Microwaves on the Current-Phase Relation of Superconductor-Normal-Metal-Superconductor Josephson Junctions
Fuechsle, M., Bentner, J., Ryndyk, D., Reinwald, M., Wegscheider, W. and Strunk, C.
Physical Review Letters (PRL) 102, 1217001 (2009)