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Analysis of electron diffraction patterns from carbon nanotubes with image processing to determine structural parameters
Senninger, D.
Dissertation (2011)

Stacking-order dependent transport properties of trilayer graphene
Jhang, S., Craciun, M., Schmidmeier, S., Tokumitsu, S., Russo, S., Yamamoto, M., Skourski, Y., Wosnitza, J., Tarucha, S., Eroms, J. and Strunk, C.
Physical Review B (PRB) 84, 116408 (2011)

Universality of the Kondo Effect in Quantum Dots with Ferromagnetic Leads
Gaaß, M., Hüttel, A., Kang, K., Weymann, I., Delft, J. and Strunk, C.
Physical Review Letters (PRL)176808 (2011)

Magnetoconductance of carbon nanotubes probed in parallel magnetic fields up to 60 T
Jhang, S., Marganska, M., del Valle, M., Skourski, Y., Grifoni, M., Wosnitza, J. and Strunk, C.
phys. status solidi b 248, 2672-2675 (2011)

Spins, Moleküle und Supercomputer
Strunk, C., Weiss, D., Repp, J., Schäfer, A., Niehaus, T. and Wettig, T.
Blick in die Wissenschaft 23, 28-38 (2011)

Localization induced by magnetic fields in carbon nanotubes
Marganska, M., del Valle, M., Jhang, S., Strunk, C. and Grifoni, M.
Phys. Rev. B 83, 193407 (2011)

Direct Observation of Band-Gap Closure for a Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube in a Large Parallel Magnetic Field
Jhang, S., Marganska, M., Skourski, Y., Preusche, D., Grifoni, M., Wosnitza, J. and Strunk, C.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 096802 (2011)

Microwave reflection measurement of critical currents in a nanotube Josephson transistor with a resistive environment
Lechner, L., Gaaß, M., Paila, A., Sillanpää, M., Strunk, C. and Hakonen, P.
Nanotechnology 22, 125203 (2011)