Minisymposium Molecular Electronics

Regensburg - Prague

July, 19-20 2018


María Camarasa Gómez
Universität Regensburg, Phone: +49 941 943 2042
Daniel Hernangómez Pérez
Universität Regensburg, Phone: +49 941 943 2040

Advisory Board

Ferdinand Evers
Universität Regensburg
Jascha Repp
Universität Regensburg

Regensburg Altstadt panorama

List of Speakers

Latha Venkataraman, Columbia University
David Egger, Universität Regensburg
Franz Giessibl, Universität Regensburg
Marc Hamilton Garner, University of Copenhaguen
Daniel Hernangómez Pérez, Universität Regensburg
Michael S. Inkpen, Université Rennes 1
Sujoy Karan, Universität Regensburg
Ján Minár, University of West Bohemia
Tomáš Novotný, Charles University
Vladislav Pokorný Charles University & Czech Academy of Sciences
Martin Švec, Czech Academy of Sciences
Héctor Vázquez, Czech Academy of Sciences

Symposium Venue


Address: Universitätsstraße 31, 93053 Regensburg

From the main train station, you can arrive to the Universität Regensburg by a 20 minutes walk, by taking a taxi or by bus. To reach Universität Regensburg by bus, take any of the following bus lines 4, 6, 11 or C1 (see the bus schedules). Please, get off at the bus stop "Universität". Buses 6, 11 and C1 depart from "HBF/Albertstraße" next to the main train station.

Public tranport in Regensburg is managed by the RVV. You might want to check also their "day-ticket".


The conference room, 9.2.01a, is located in the Physics faculty, sector PHY9, on the second floor. The simplest way to reach it is to enter the faculty directly through that sector (see red arrow in the campus map). Alternatively, enter the Physics faculty from any entrance and move towards its most western part either on the ground floor (or first floor); proceed then to the second floor where the conference room is located.


Thursday, July 19

12:45 Lunch in Mensa
13:30 Gathering in 9.2.01a
13:50 Welcome Speech
14:00 — L. Venkataraman "Resonant Transport in Molecular Junctions"
H. Vázquez "Designing Efficient and Stable Single Molecule Circuits from First Principles"
— 16:00 F. Giessibl "Evidence of Bond Weakening Induced by Tip Proximity Studied by IETS and AFM"
Coffee break
16:30 — T. Novotný "Nonequilibrium Heat Transport in an Exactly Solvable Quantum-Critical Model"
S. Karan "Controlling Molecular Bistability via Intramolecular and Interfacial Electron Transfer"
— 18:30 M. S. Inkpen "Break-junction Measurements of Self-assembled Monolayers"
20:00 — Dinner in Weltenburger am Dom

Friday, July 20

8:30 — V. Pokorný "Self-Consistent Calculations of the Transport Properties of Molecular Junctions"
D. Hernangómez Pérez "Understanding Quantum Transport Properties of π-Conjugated Molecular Wires"
— 10:30 M. Švec " Exploring Functionalities of Molecules on Surfaces by means of Scanning Probe Microscopy"
Coffee break
10:45 — J. Minár "One Step Model of ARPES"
D. Egger "Qualitative and Quantitative Insights for Molecule-Metal Interfaces from First-Principles Calculations"
— 12:45 M. H. Garner "Circular Currents in Linear Carbon Wires"
12:45 Closure

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