: bachelor topics :

Please check the list of possible Bachelor topics. Other topics my be handed out on demand. Please contact Jaroslav Fabian for details.

Once a topic was found, the Bachelor thesis must be declared in the Prüfungsamt using this form. Please read the Bachelor- and Master-FAQs.

: diploma/master topics :

Diploma/master topics offered in a wide range of themes in the area of spin-based quantum information processing, entanglement dynamics, spin-orbit effects and spin dynamics in quantum dots, modeling of spintronic devices, mesoscopic transport, and molecular dynamics in amorphous materials.

possible topics:
  • spin-orbit coupling and spin coherence in coupled quantum rings
  • spin relaxation in the Green's functions formalism
  • dynamical resonant tunneling
  • connecting paths through configurational space of glassy structures
  • tight-binding electronic structure of GaMnAs: localization effects
  • tunneling in the presence of spin-orbit coupling in the barrier
  • correlated tunneling in the proximity of charged quantum dot allowing for entanglement
  • 2d quantum transport: anisotropies due to spin-orbit coupling
  • vibrational states of quasicrystals
  • ...

For more info or for other topics please contact Jaroslav Fabian.


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last update: 10.04.2011