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    Observation of electric current induced spin
orientation in quantum well structures.

S.D. Ganichev*, S.N. Danilov*, Petra Schneider*, V.V. Bel’kov**,
L.E. Golub**, W. Wegscheider*, D. Weiss*, W. Prettl*

* Fakult¨at Physik, University of Regensburg, 93040, Regensburg, Germany and
** A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 194021 St. Petersburg, Russia

(Dated: March 25, 2004)


A longstanding theoretical prediction is the orientation of spins by an electrical current flowing through low-dimensional carrier systems of suffciently low crystallographic symmetry. Here we show by means of terahertz transmission experiments through two-dimensional hole systems a growing spin orientation with an increasing current at room temperature. (PDF)