Way to find us
The university is located at the south end of Regensburg within walking distance (appr. 30 min) of the city centre and can be easily reached by bus (10 min).

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short description: how to get to Regensburg

After your arrival you should take the bus number 635 to Freising. It departs every 20 min and it takes about 15-20 min. to reach Freising - Freising is the last stop. You can buy your ticket on the bus. After arriving in Freising, you can buy your ticket to Regensburg at the train station. If the desk is closed (Sunday) it is possible to buy tickets at an automat. If it does not work you can buy it on the train as well. At the station you should take a train to Regensburg (direction from Munich, or to Nuernberg). If problems occur, please ask the local staff to help you.

On the international guests page of the Deutsche Bahn you can look for details of your trip. On the left side you can see the search box for travel connections. Please enter in "from:" Munich Airport and in the box "to:" Regensburg.

Comment: In the schedule you will see "München Flughafen Terminal 1" instead of "Munich Airport".