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Speaker Title Date Time Room
Alessandro Pecchia (University of Rome "Tor Vergata") Multiscale methods for transport calculations: From coherent transport to drift-diffusion. Applications to molecular electronics and CNT devices

4 Nov 2011 14:15 PHY 5.0.21
Fatemeh Yaghobian (PTB und TU Braunschweig) IDSERS based Quantification of Biomarkers on a Single Chip

24 Nov 2011 10:15 PHY 2.0.31
Janina Maultzsch (TU Berlin) Raman spectroscopy of graphene

16 Jan 2012 13:00 PHY 9.2.01
T. Tudorovskiy (IMM Radboud University Nijmegen) Spectrum reconstruction in bilayer graphene close to the neutrality point

26 Jan 2012 15:15 PHY 5.0.21


Speaker Title Date Time Room
Christoph Strunk (Uni Regensburg) Tutorial: Thermodynamics and the Quantum Transport of Particles and Heat
Presentation slides
11 Nov 11 13:15 PHY 5.0.21
Andrey Turchanin (Uni Bielefeld) Nanocrystalline graphene: Fabrication, structure and electric transport 9 Dec 11 13:15 PHY 5.0.21
Coffee break
Vincent Bouchiat (CNRS Grenoble) Tunable superconductivity in tin decorated graphene
Katharina Franke (FU Berlin) Magnetic excitations in single molecules on a superconductor 27 Jan 12 13:15 PHY 5.0.21
Coffee break
Thomas Frederiksen (Donostia International Physics Center) Theory and simulation of electron transport in nanoscale systems
Suzanne Zander Seminar to improve presentation skills

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29 Feb 12 or 1 Mar 12
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9 to 17h PHY 5.0.21

Journal Club

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Strunk, Repp Journal Club "Carbon based Nanostructures" Fr 12-14 PHY 8.1.09