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Speaker Title Date Time Room
Giuseppe Foti (Centro de Fisica de Materiales and Donostia International Physics Center Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain) First principles elastic and inelastic tunneling through alkane-based self assembled monolayer
17 Sep 2012 10:00 PHY 4.1.13
Davide Mantelli (Università di Genova, Italy) Linear Coulomb blockade microscopy of a correlated one-dimensional quantum dot
14 Sep 2012 14:00 PHY 4.1.13
Nemanja Kocic
(University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Influence of doping on electronic properties of anatase TiO2 11 Jul 2012 10:15 PHY 5.0.20
Sonja Predin (University of Belgrade/Serbia) Coexistence of antiferromagnetism and d + id superconductivity on a honeycomb monolayer
14 Jun 2012 15:15 PHY 5.0.21
Dr. Mikhail E. Portnoi
(University of Exeter, UK)
Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene as Terrahertz Emitters and Detectors 26 Apr 2012 15:15 PHY 5.0.21
Prof. Christian Hübner
(Universität Lübeck)
Photon statistics and nano antennas - every photon counts 23 Apr 2012 14:00 PHY 9.2.01


Speaker Title Date Time Room
Christoph Stampfer (RWTH Aachen) Electron-vibron coupling in suspended carbon nanotube quantum dots
25 May 12 13:15 PHY 5.0.21
Robert M. Metzger (University of Alabama) Unimolecular Electronics
15 Jun 12 13:15 PHY 5.0.21
Coffee break
Andras Palyi (Eotvos University, Budapest) Spin-Orbit-Induced Strong Coupling of a Single Spin to a Nanomechanical Resonator
Tim Wehling (Uni Bremen) Transition metal adatoms on surfaces: Effects of local Coulomb interactions
13 Jul 12 13:15 PHY 5.0.21


Date Program Place
26. - 28. Sep 12 GRK Workshop


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Gasthof zur Post, Bayrischzell

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Strunk, Repp Journal Club "Carbon based Nanostructures" Fr 12-14 PHY 8.1.09