Lecturer Topic Time Room
Bougeard Physics of nanostructures Mo, Mi 8-10 PHY 5.0.21 (Mo), 5.0.20 (Mi)
Fabian Spintronics Di, Do 10-12 PHY 5.0.21 (Di), 4.1.13 (Do)
Fabian, Grifoni, Niehaus, Richter, Schliemann Seminar on Solid State theory Mi 10-11 PHY 4.1.13
Gießibl Spezielle Methoden der kombinierten Rastertunnel- und Rasterkraftmikroskopie Mi 8-10 Seminarraum Gießibl
Grifoni Quantum Theory of Condensed Matter II: Mesoscopic Physics Di, Fr 8-10 PHY 5.0.21
Hüttel/Repp Journal Club 'Electronics and Mechanics of Carbon Nanotubes' Mi 13-15, Fr 12-14 PHY 8.1.09
Richter/Strunk Integrated Course II: Statistical Physics and Solid State Physics Mo, Di, Do, Fr 10-12 PHY 9.2.01, PHY 5.0.21, PHY 4.1.17