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Internal Referee System


  Procedure for submitting preprints based on work funded by the Graduiertenkolleg
"Nichtlinearität und Nichtgleichgewicht in kondensierter Materie"

The Graduiertenkolleg agreed, as envisaged in the application for prolongation of the Graduiertenkolleg for 2003-2006, to set up an "internal referee system" before submitting an article to a journal. The idea is not to have a "hard" pre-refereeing of manuscripts but rather to establish a mean that another non-anonymous member of the Graduiertenkolleg will look through the manuscript in order to make suggestions for further improvements of the presentation and readability. At the same time, the internal referee system helps to disseminate research results among the members of the Graduiertenkolleg.
This internal system can only work if it does not delay submission of manuscripts unnecessarily long, hence prompt internal refereeing is required.
To make the procedure working please follow the items listed below before submitting a manuscript to a journal:

  1. The author fills in the first part of the preprint submission form attached. The author then selects a suitable internal referee (any member of the GK; non-anonymous refereeing) and hands the manuscript and the form to her/him. If the author is uncertain about whom to select, she/he might consult one of the Professors of the GK.
  2. The referee studies the paper, in particular along the lines indicated on the form, and gives the preprint and the filled form back to the author.
  3. If corrections are necessary, the author amends the manuscript.
  4. The author passes the filled form to Klaus Richter or, if he is not reachable, to Milena Grifoni. Upon approval the manuscript can then immediately be submitted.
  5. A pdf-file of the article is sent to the web master of the GK website, if the paper should be put into the web before publication.
  6. The author should notify the web master when and where the paper is published.

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