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Open Positions

PhD Projects

We are looking for a new PhD candidate.

Film a single molecule movie

STM simulations of spin-orbit induced dynamics in the time domain In this project, we wish to investigate spin-orbit coupling (SOC) induced phenomena in single molecules directly in the time domain. Recent experiments performed in Regensburg have taken sub-molecular microscopy to the femtosecond time scale by combining scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) with latest terahertz (THz) lightwave electronics. Now, in a joint theory and experimental project, we aim to the first ultrafast spin-selective STM. Experiments and theory will both proceed directly in the time domain, the latter with the help of generalized master equation approaches tailored to STM setups. We will target propagation, beating, and relaxation dynamics of spin-orbit-coupled electrons on their intrinsic length and time scales.

Link to the word experiments Nature
Link to the expression master equation approaches Physical Review B

Please send your application (including CV, Master thesis, two letter of reference) via email to

Master Projects

Join us for exciting projects! Here you can find some possible topics:
  • Graphene physics
  • Spintronics
  • Molecular electronics
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum superconductivity
  • Quantum noise
Bachelor Projects

on topics given above, see also

If you are interested in joining our research group, please contact: