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03.11.2003 Joël Peguiron

Quantum Rachets

17.12.2003 Shidong Wang

Probing a Single Quantum Dot & Negative Differential Capacitance

17.03.2004 Wouter Wetzels

Angular Dependence of the Magnetoresistance of Ferromagnetic single-electron transistors

31.03.2004 Elisabetta Paladino

Modulation of Dephasing due to a spin-boson environment

05.04.2004 Francesco Nesi

Spin-Boson system Dynamics

16.04.2004 Leonhard Mayrhofer

Luttinger Liquids in Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

12.05.2004 Andrea Donarini

Shuttling of electrons in Nanoelectromechanical Systems

14.05.2004 Miriam Blaauboer

Spin pumping: control of electrons and nuclei in nanostructures

19.05.2004 Shidong Wang

Are Double Well Nanotubes Luttinger Liquids?

18.11.2004 Wataru Izumida

Transport through One-Dimensional Correlated Electrons with Electron-Phonon Interaction

25.01.2005 Francesco Nesi

(Driven) Dissipative Quantum Systems
An example: A particle in a Double-Well Potential