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Seminar talks

Speaker Title Date & Time Room
Feihu Wang Ultrafast terahertz pulse generation from quantum cascade lasers 20.01.2017, 10.15 am PHY 5.0.21
Maximilian Tauer Erzeugung phasenstarrer Mittelinfrarot-Impulse mit einem kompakten optisch-parametrischen Verstärker 18.04.2017, 10.00 am PHY 2.1.29
Ulrich Huttner Off-resonant strong-field excitations in semiconductors: High-harmonic and sideband generation 19.05.2017, 13.00 pm PHY 2.1.29
Agustin E. Schiffrin Electronic Control at the Nanoscale: Towards Solid Interfaces with Enhanced Electronic and Optoelectronic Functionalities 23.05.2017, 10.15 am PHY 2.1.29
Fabian Sandner Ultrafast switching of interface polaritons on black phosphorus 22.06.2017, 10.00 am PHY 2.1.29
Richard F. Haglund, Jr. Quantum nanophotonics in the scanning-transmission electron microscope 09.08.2017, 10.15 am PHY 2.1.29
Andrea Markelz Terahertz Optical Studies of Protein Dynamics: Intramolecular Vibrations, Collectivity, and Thermal Stability 14.09.2017, 10.00 am PHY 2.1.29
Francesco Tani Gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibres for ultrafast nonlinear optics 15.09.2017, 1.00 pm PHY 2.1.29
Kaiqiang Lin Nearfield nano-optics for surface molecular chemistry and 2D semiconductor 16.11.2017, 1.00 pm PHY 2.1.29
Thomas Elsaesser Charge dynamics in polar solids mapped by ultrafast x-ray methods 27.11.2017, 4.00 pm H34
Mahesh Ramakrishnan Spin and Electronic Structure of Magnetoelectrics by Resonant X-ray Diffraction 01.12.2017, 1.00 pm PHY 2.1.29
Anna Girnghuber Near-field microscopy of polaritons on hexagonal boron nitride 14.12.2017, 1.00 pm PHY 2.1.29
Martin Zizlsperger Ultrafast near-field tomography of topological insulators 14.12.2017, 1.30 pm PHY 2.1.29