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Seminar talks in 2012

Speaker Title Date
Hatem Dachraoui Zeitaufgelöste Core-Level-Photoelektronenspektroskopiemit Femtosekunden-EUV-Laserstrahlung 10.01.2012
Janina Maultzsch Raman spectroscopy of graphene 16.01.2012
Kyungwan Kim Ultrafast transient generation of spin density wave order in the normal state of BaFe2As2 driven by coherent lattice vibrations 26.01.2012
Huber J. Krenner High frequency electro-mechanical control of optically active nanostructures using surface acoustic waves 06.02.2012
Tyler Cocker Exploring conductivity in nanomaterials using terahertz pulses 13.03.2012
Christian Hübner Photon statistics and nano antennas - every photon counts 23.04.2012
Bill Rice Terahertz-induced exciton shelving and intra-excitonic scattering 27.04.2012
Peter Baum Single-electron pulses for visualizing atomic and electronic motion in 4D 11.05.2012
Jan Vogelsang Organizing single conjugated polymers into a neat solid by solvent vapor annealing 15.05.2012
Mark Sherwin Extreme Optics in Semiconductors: When Quasiparticles Collide, and 1+1=11 20.06.2012
Michael Griesbeck Spin dynamics in high-mobility two-dimensional electron systems embedded in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells: from coherent dynamics to extended spin dephasing times 03.07.2012
Rostislav Mikhaylovskiy Ultrafast magnetization dynamics in terbium gallium garnet crystals 06.09.2012
Patrick Altmann Spectroscopic Characterization of a Hybrid Structure Coupling Quantum Dots to a two-dimensional Electron Gas 17.10.2012
Matthias Hohenleutner Intense THz fields for femtosecond magnetic control and extreme nonlinear optics 31.10.2012
Thomas Maag Non-adiabatic control of ultrastrong light-matter-interaction in photonic crystals 07.11.2012
Stefan Jester Nanopatterning by molecular polygons and stars 14.11.2012, 11:15
Peter Olbrich THz radiation induced currents in graphene 21.11.2012
Andreas Biermanns Determination of strain at axial and radial interfaces in GaAs nanowires using x-ray diffraction 05.12.2012
Dieter Vogel Anomalous Hall effect under the influence of the metal-insulator transition in Mn doped InAs quantum wells 12.12.2012