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Seminar talks in 2013

Speaker Title Date
Fabian Langer Carrier doping by current injection into LaO1-xFxFeAs and Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d 09.01.2013
Gregor Koblmüller Optical and Electrical Transport Properties of (In,Ga)As-based nanowires on Silicon 16.01.2013
Christoph Pöllmann Bose-Einstein condensation of exciton polaritons: photoluminescence and first terahertz transmission measurements 23.01.2013
Frank Hegmann Ultrafast nonlinear terahertz dynamics in semiconductors 19.02.2013
Ulrich Heinzmann Do we understand the dynamics of the photoelectric effect? A question answered by means of angle, time, phase and spin-resolved photoemission experiments 22.03.2013
Carlo Sirtori Charged induced coherence for ultra-strong light matter interaction 03.05.2013
Mikhail Kaliteevski Vertical Cavity Lasers based on Tamm plasmons or Polaritonic THz emitters 24.05.2013
Michael Gensch Accelerator based super-radiant THz sources: Challenges and opportunities 28.05.2013
Richard Hildner Coherent spectroscopy of single quantum objects: from small molecules to photosynthetic antenna complexes 25.06.2013
Andreas Bayer Towards Optical Spin Injection into GaAs Nanowires 02.07.2013
Sebastian Baierl High-Field-THz-Generation using Tilted Pulse Fronts: Method and Applications 09.07.2013
Michael Kaniber Lithographically defined plasmonic-semiconductor hybrids for on-chip optical experiments 16.07.2013
Miriam Serena Vitiello Terahertz Nano-Photonics 26.07.2013
Prof. Dr. Stephan W. Koch Ultrafast Optical and Terahertz Effects In Semiconductor Nanostructures 24.09.2013
Dr. Kai Müller Ultrafast optical coherent charge and spin control in quantum dots and molecules 21.10.2013
Anna Nirschl (OSRAM & AG Bougeard) Direct evidence of Auger effect and its correlation to droop in InGaN-MQW structures 11.11.2013
Hermann Bechert (AG Huber) Optimierung einer akusto-optischen Verzögerungsstrecke mit Wiederholraten von 34 kHz und einer Präzision von 15 as 18.11.2013
Benedikt Urbanek (AG Huber) High-harmonic generation in gallium selenide by phase-stable terahertz pulses 18.11.2013
Prof. Dr. Henry van Driel (Institute for Optical Sciences, University of Toronto) Domain Dynamics in MnAs Thin Films Following Ultrafast Optical Excitation 11.12.2013