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Seminar talks in 2014

Speaker Title Date
Tobias Gallersdörfer (AG Huber) Ultrastrong coupling between cyclotron transitions and THz metamaterials 10.01.2014
Lina Bockhorn Magnetotransport measurements in a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas 06.05.2014
Mariusz Ciorga Spin injection and detection in all-semiconductor heterostructures 03.06.2014
M. Plankl & J. Döllinger
(AG Huber)
presentation of bachelor thesis 17.06.2014
Elsa Abreu Insulator-to-metal conductivity dynamics in vanadates and nickelates 20.06.2014
S. Schlauderer & D. Peller
(AG Huber)
presentation of bachelor thesis 24.06.2014
M. Huber & U. Leierseder (AG Huber) mid-term presentation of master thesis 01.07.2014
Sukhdeep Dhillon Combining THz time domain spectroscopy with THz quantum cascade lasers 04.09.2014
Oleg Pronin High-power femtosecond thin-disk oscillators 08.10.2014
Rudolf Bratschitsch Atomically thin transition metal dichalcogenides light up 06.11.2014
Matthias Knorr (AG Huber) Time-resolved observation of terahertz-induced high harmonic generation in bulk solids 12.11.2014
Johan Mentink Ultrafast and reversible control of the exchange interaction with strong electric fields 18.11.2014
Alex Hayat Quantum devices with novel states of matter 25.11.2014
Petr G. Sennikov Highly-enriched, high-purity Si and Ge isotopes: manufacturing, properties, application 05.12.2014
R. V. Mikhaylovskiy Terahertz spectroscopy of ultrafast spin dynamics in antiferromagnetic oxides 10.12.2014
Tyler Cocker & Max Eisele Seminar day with lab tour: Ultrafast mid-infrared nano-spectroscopy within the RTG: Carbon based nanostructures 19.12.2014