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Our group

M. Sc. Fabian Langer

Office PHY 2.1.08
Phone +49 941 943-2065
Fax +49 941 943-4223
Postal address Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik
Universität Regensburg
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg

Academic career

Oktober 2009 -
Oktober 2012

Studies of physics at the Universities of Regensburg and Erlangen

November 2012 -
November 2013
Master thesis with Rupert Huber
since December 2013 Doctoral student with Rupert Huber

List of selected publications

  • F. Langer and R. Huber
    Wenn es in Kristallen blitzt - Kollisionen von Quasiteilchen
    Blick in die Wissenschaft 35/36, 14-18 (2017)

  • F. Langer, M. Hohenleutner, U. Huttner, S. W. Koch, M. Kira and R. Huber
    Symmetry-controlled temporal structure of high-harmonic carrier fields from a bulk crystal
    Nature Photonics 11, 227-231 (2017)

  • F. Langer, M. Hohenleutner, C. P. Schmid, C. Poellmann, P. Nagler, T. Korn, C. Schüller, M. S. Sherwin, U. Huttner, J. T. Steiner, S. W. Koch, M. Kira, and R. Huber
    Lightwave-driven quasiparticle collisions on a subcycle timescale
    Nature 533, 225-229 (2016)

  • M. Hohenleutner, F. Langer, O. Schubert, M. Knorr, U. Huttner, S.W. Koch, M. Kira and R. Huber
    Real-time observation of interfering crystal electrons in high-harmonic generation
    Nature 523, 572 (2015)

  • O. Schubert, M. Hohenleutner, F. Langer, B. Urbanek, C. Lange, U. Huttner, D. Golde, T. Meier, M. Kira, S. W. Koch and R. Huber
    Sub-cycle control of terahertz high-harmonic generation by dynamical Bloch oscillations
    Nature Photonics 8, 119-123 (2014)