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Prof. Dr. R. Huber
Prof. Dr. D. Bougeard

Institut für Experimentelle
und Angewandte Physik
Universität Regensburg
Universitätsstraße 31
93053 Regensburg

Frau Ulla Franzke
+49 941 943-2071

Seminar talks

Speaker Title Date & Time Room
Dr. Alexey Chernikov Excitons in atomically thin two-dimensional materials 11.01.2015, 2.15 pm PHY 2.1.29
Prof. Dong Eon KIM Research activities at Center for Attosecond Science and Technology (CASTECH) in Connection with Max Planck Center for Attosecond Sciences 22.01.2015, 10.45 am PHY 2.1.29
Prof. Dr. Yukio Kawano Nanoscale Terahertz Sensing and Imaging with Nanostructured Semiconductor and Carbon devices 27.03.2015, 10.00 am PHY 2.1.29
Dr. Nicholas Karpowicz Near-to-mid infrared electro-optic sampling and coherent control in dielectrics 17.04.2015, 10.15 am PHY 2.0.31
Dr. Hanieh Fattahi Third-generation femtosecond technology after Dr. Karpowicz's talk PHY 2.0.31
Dr. Peter Baum Atomic and electronic motion in space and time 12.05.2015, 2.15 pm PHY 9.2.01
Jürgen Raab Towards ultrafast electric injection of spin-polarized tunnel currents 16.06.2015, 10.15 am PHY 2.1.29
Philipp Steinleitner Internal structure and ultrafast radiative decay of excitons in monolayer WSe2 12.10.2015, 10.15 am PHY 2.1.29
Christian Frankerl Ultraschnelle Mittelinfrarot-Spektroskopie von Exzitonen in einer Monolage von Wolframdiselenid 19.10.2015, 10.15 am PHY 2.1.29
Prof. Richard Haglund New Wine in an Old Bottle: the Insulator-to-Metal Transition in Vanadium Dioxide 23.11.2015, 10.15 am PHY 2.1.29
Fabian Sandner Ultrafast multi-THz nanoscopy of strained vanadium dioxide nanowires 03.12.2015, 10.15 am PHY 5.0.21
Christoph Schmid Seitenband-Generation hoher Ordnung in Wolframdiselenid 03.12.2015, after F. Sandners talk PHY 5.0.21
Dr. Jean-Michel Menard Unorthodox frequency-mixing processes in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibers 07.12.2015, 10.15 am PHY 2.1.29