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Non-adiabatic light-matter coupling
Quantum electronics
THz nonlinear optics


Technological developments
News article & conference presentation

An article by local newspaper Mittelbayerische highlights a recent invention of novel optical sensor technology by Olaf Schubert and Rupert Huber. During the first round of the businessplan competition "BPWN 2013" a sketch of a potential spin-off has been placed among the 20 finalists. Another invention by the two physicists, a novel fastscan delay line developed in collaboration with Fastlite, has recently been published in Optics Letters.

Best lecture award


The latest course on "Nonlinear Optics" given by Prof. Huber and the discussion leaders Michael Porer, Olaf Schubert and Dr. Christoph Lange has been decorated with the award of the best physics lecture at the University of Regensburg during the winter term 2012/2013.

The focus of this class was placed on modern concepts and phenomena of light-matter interaction. Starting from a classical description of perturbative nonlinear optics and its manyfold state-of-the-art applications, the discussion proceeded to non-perturbative nonlinearities in quantized few-level systems and high-order harmonic generation. In the final part, a tractable introduction into second quantization as well as key ingredients of quantum optics and quantum electrodynamics were provided. Discussion sections, students' presentations on select topics, and laboratory excursions complemented the lectures.

Best lecture award


Professor Huber's course "Struktur der Materie I" (structure of matter 1) has been awarded the prize for the best physics lecture at the University of Regensburg during the summer term 2012. All demonstration experiments accompanying the lecture were prepared, carried out and explained by Dr. Karoline Bernhard-Höfer.

Image: Part of the lecture team (from left to right: Michael Porer (discussion leader), Christoph Lange (stand-in lecturer), Dieter Schuh (stand-in lecturer), Olaf Schubert (discussion leader) and Rupert Huber (professor). Not shown are discussion leaders Max Eisele and Bernhard Surrer.

Aligned by distortion
Magnetic order trails ultrafast atomic motion


A team including physists from Germany, Switzerland and Korea has discovered that a periodic lattice distortion induced by an extremely short optical pulse facilitates alignment of magnetic moments in a parent compound of iron-based unconventional superconductors. Strikingly, the magnetic order is established within a time shorter than a trillionth of a second. This discovery demonstrates a strong spin-phonon coupling in the novel class of high-temperature superconductors and, thus, provides an important clue for the development of a microscopic theory of superconducting pairing in these materials. The work is reported in the latest issue of Nature Materials (K. W. Kim et al., Nature Materials 11, 497 (2012)) .
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