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Our group

Professor PhoneE-Mail
 Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber  
Visiting professors and visiting scientists
 Prof. Dr. Andrea Markelz -5741 Research stay: 01.Aug.2017 - 31.Jul.2018  
 Prof. Dr. Zhensheng Tao -2065 Research stay: 26.Mar.2018 - 31.Aug.2018  
Junior group leaders and junior scientists
 Dr. Jessica L. Boland -5741  
 Dr. Alexey Chernikov → independent Emmy Noether junior group
  Excitonics & many-body physics in nanostructures
 Dr. Christoph Lange -5741  
 Ulla Franzke -2071  
Scientific and technical staff
 Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Furthmeier  
 Imke Gronwald  
 Ignaz Laepple  
 Dr. Dieter Schuh  
Ph.D. students
 M. Sc. Markus Huber -2067  
 M. Sc. Lukas Kastner -2066  
 M. Sc. Matthias Knorr -2141  
 M. Sc. Philipp Merkl -2066  
 M. Sc. Fabian Mooshammer -2067  
 M. Sc. Dominik Peller -2066  
 M. Sc. Markus Plankl -2067  
 M. Sc. Jürgen Raab -2141  
 M. Sc. Fabian Sandner -2067  
 M. Sc. Stefan Schlauderer -2065  
 M. Sc. Christoph Schmid -2065  
 M. Sc. Philipp Steinleitner -2141  
Master students
 Beer Andreas -2065  
 Anna Girnghuber -2141  
 Simon Maier -2067  
 Christian Meineke -2066  
 Joshua Mornhinweg -4219  
 Carmen Roelcke -2066  
 Helena Weigand -2067  

Phone (external): +49 941 943-XXXX

If you are interested in joining our research group, please contact Rupert Huber.