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Single-wall carbon nanotubes are a fascinating material. They combine mechanical strength and lighness with the properties of a perfect metallic or semiconducting wire. Many applications of these macromolecules can be imagined, both in industry and fundamental research.

Here, in our research group at Regensburg University, we focus on the electrical and mechanical properties of single carbon nanotubes at ultra-low temperatures (T<100mK). The nanotubes are freely suspended over trenches in the chips. This way, they can vibrate similar to a violin string. As the mechanical resonance frequencies are both very high and tunable, they provide - for example - one of the best possible systems to probe the quantum limit of mechanical motion.

Our main objective is to combine such nano-electromechanical circuits on-chip with superconducting nanoelectronics. This will enable us to use high-frequency techniques to detect and eventually coherently control the mechanical motion.

In addition, we look at the details of supercurrent and / or spin transport through quantum dots, which form naturally in nanotubes at low temperature. In particular, we are interested in the interplay of superconducting or ferromagnetic contacts, the Kondo effect, and phenomena as e.g. spin blockade or the spin-orbit interaction.

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