Institutes, Professors, Junior research groups

I. Faculty of the Institute of Theoretical Physics

a) High Energy Physics

Gunnar Bali Lattice QCD and Hadron Physics
Vladimir Braun Quantum field theory and quantum chromodynamics
Christoph Lehner Lattice QCD / High-Energy Physics
Dirk Pleiter Lattice quantum chromodynamics and Supercomputing
Andreas Schäfer Quantum chromodynamics and hadron physics
Tilo Wettig Lattice quantum chromodynamics, QCD on a Chip
Junior research groups
Norbert Bodendorfer Quantum gravity

b) Solid State Physics

Ferdinand Evers Computational Condensed Matter Theory
Jaroslav Fabian Spintronics
Milena Grifoni Quantum transport and dissipation
Klaus Richter Complex quantum systems
John Schliemann Spin dynamics in semiconductor nanostructures, spintronics

II. Faculty of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics

Director: Prof. Dr. Dieter Weiss; deputy: Prof. Dr. Rupert Huber
Jörg Wunderlich (starting 10/2019) Magnetism, spintronics
    (previously Christian Back Magnetism, magneto-electronics)
Dominique Bougeard Low Dimensional Semiconductor Systems
Sergey Ganichev Terahertz Physics
Isabella Gierz Ultrafast Electron Dynamics
Franz J. Gießibl Atomic Force Microscopy
Rupert Huber Ultrafast quantum physics and photonics
John Lupton Organic semiconductors, optical nanostructures
Jascha Repp Scanning tunneling microscopy
Christian Schüller Optical spectroscopy on semiconductor quantum structures
Christoph Strunk Mesoscopic systems
Dieter Weiss Semiconducting nanostructures
Josef Zweck Electron microscopy
Junior research groups
Alexey Chernikov Excitonics and Many-body Physics in Nanostructures
Andreas Hüttel Carbon Nanotube Transport and Nanomechanics

III. Didactics of Physics

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