Übungen zur Theorie III für LA (Quantenmechanik), WS 2003

Blatt 1 file 1 (English; Planck's formula; the harmonic and a anharmonic oscillator) Blatt 2 file 2 (English; differential operators and the Schrödinger equation; electrons in a metal (3d-box)) Blatt 3 file 3 (English; angular momenta for axial symmetry; expansion theorem; Heisenberg's uncertainty relation) Blatt 4 file 4 (English; reflection and transmission at rectangular barriers; the 1d S-matrix) Blatt 5 file 5 (English; Fourier transformation; position and momentum representation; motion of a Gaussian wave) Blatt 6 file 6 (English; 2d-oscillator in a magnetic field (Fock-Darwin theory)) Blatt 7 file 7 (English; harmonic oscillator (algebraically); coherent states) Blatt 8 file 8 (`quickies' (e.g. Hamiltonian for H-atom, Heisenberg relation); spherical harmonics) Klausur 1 exam 1 (English; Na^23-atoms: fermions or bosons? Interferometry; simplified harm. osc.; Pauli matrices) Blatt 9 file 9 (English; repetition and consolidation; quantization of nuclear angular moments) Blatt 10 file 10 (English; harmonic oscillator; perturbation theory; hydrogen atom) Blatt 11 file 11 (English; degenerate perturbation theory; two-level systems; `quickies') Blatt 12 file 12 (English; interference, magnetic fields and the Aharonov-Bohm effect; `quickies') Klausur 2 exam 2 (English; eight different problems on four pages)