Übungen zur Theor. Mechanik (WS 1992/93)

Empfehlung zur Vorbereitung auf Mechanik-Vorlesungen Blatt 1 (Generell: MAGSTEP 2 benutzen oder ausdrucken) file 1 (English; vector algebra I and II; motion of a point mass with constant force (also relativistically)) Blatt 2 file 2 (English; a sliding ladder; the velocity c as relativistic limit; free fall in a viscous fluid) Blatt 3 file 3 (English; quadratic friction; force from a given path; motion in a river) Blatt 4 file 4 (English; perturbation of a circular orbit; forced oscillation (Green's function)) Blatt 5 file 5 (English; focussing of orbits in a quadrupole potential; motion in crossed E and B fields) Blatt 6 file 6 (English; differential cross-section and Rutherford scattering; two-particle motion) Blatt 7 file 7 (English; kicked rotator; spherical pendulum) Blatt 8 file 8 (English; the Emperor's bell at Cologne) Blatt 9 file 9 (English; cycloid pendulum (Huyghens); brachystochrone) Blatt 10 file 10 (English; 1d-chain of harm. osc., particle on circular cone; variat. theory of the chain line) Blatt 11 file 11 (English; motion with anholonomous constraint; CO_2; canonical and gauge transformations) Blatt 12 file 12 (English; angular inertial moments for circular cones; combined motions on an inclined plane) Blatt 13 file 13 (English; Liouville theorem; ``square acid'' oscillations; an anharmonic osc. (perturbation theory)) Klausur exam 14 (English; two-atomic molecule and its oscillations in a gravity field)