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Switching between polymer H- and J-aggregates in Nature Comm.


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Spectral focusing in nanoLEDs in Nature Nano.


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Group SeminarSS 2018

Monday, 2:00 p.m.
PHY 2.0.31

09.04.2018 Sicherheitsbelehrung Sebastian Krug
23.04.2018 One dimensional gating and contacting of 2D crystals Dr. Nicola Paradiso
30.04.2018 Dominik Plank
07.05.2018 Detection of ferromagnetic resonance with an organic light-emitting diode Tobias Grünbaum
14.05.2018 Investigating excitons with effective Hamiltonians: from nanowires to 2D materials Dr. Paulo Eduardo de Faria Junior
28.05.2018 Polarized electroluminescence of MoS2 from single noble-metal hotspots driven by inelastic electron tunnelling Hermann Angerer
04.06.2018 Spin pumping induced by FMR: experiment, theory and cautions Dr. Lin Chen
18.06.2018 Noble metal nanoparticles meet 2D TMDCs - How exciting! Robin Puchert
25.06.2018 Resonant Raman spectroscopy of TMDCs and their heterostructures Sebastian Meier
02.07.2018 Magneto-Raman spectroscopy of spin-density excitations in the regime of the persistent spin helix in GaAs/AlGaAs quantumwells Sven Gelfert
09.07.2018 Spin Spectroscopy of Organic Semiconductors Wolfram Ratzke

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