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Switching between polymer H- and J-aggregates in Nature Comm.


Universit├Ątspreis of the City of Regensburg for Robin Puchert


Spectral focusing in nanoLEDs in Nature Nano.


Einzelmolek├╝le beim Ideen Expo Science Slam


Bending chromophores in Angewandte Chemie

Group SeminarWS 2017/18

Monday, 2:00 p.m.
PHY 2.0.31

16.10.2017 Laserschutzbelehrung Sebastian Bange
23.10.2017 Magnetic resonance on OLEDs at very low frequencies Simon Kurmann
06.11.2017 Two ways of enhancing single-molecule fluorescence with self-assembled nanoantennas Dr. Kateryna Trofymchuk, TU Braunschweig
13.11.2017 Single Molecules in Grand Central Dr. Gordon Hedley
20.11.2017 The prospects of two-dimensional materials for ultimately scaled CMOS Sebastian Thiele
27.11.2017 Laser-driven quantum interference in second harmonic generation from single-layer WSe2 Kaiqiang Lin
04.12.2017 Lifetime and spin dynamics in doped Gallium Selenide Franz Hopperdietzel
11.12.2017 Metals, TMDs, Topological Insulators: colorful mixture of MBE-grown samples Dr. Matthias Kronseder
08.01.2018 Time-resolved measurements on MoSe2/ WSe2 heterostructures in high magnetic fields Johannes Holler
15.01.2018 Probing intramolecular energy transfer on the single molecule level Jakob Schedlbauer
22.01.2018 Förster Energy Transfer from Isolated Perovskite Nanoantennae to Single Dye Molecules Felix Hoffman
26.01.2018 Vibrations in Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskites: Implications for Electronic Properties and Chemical Analysis Dr. Robert Lovrincic
29.01.2018 Philipp Wilhelm
05.02.2018 Theresa Eder

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