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EIT in SHG reported in Nature Phys.


Scholarship of The Optical Society for Robin Puchert


Universitätspreis of the City of Regensburg for Theresa Eder


40 M€ for new Regensburg microscopy centre


Excitonic seesaws in PNAS

Group SeminarWS 2019/20

Monday, 2:00 p.m.
PHY 2.0.31

14.10.2019 Laser safety training Dr. Sebastian Bange
21.10.2019 Plasmonic nanostructures for sensing and photoluminescence manipulation (pre-scheduled on September 23rd) Dr. Jer-Shing Huang (IPHT - Leibniz)
28.10.2019 Plasmonic doppler grating for hydrogen sensing (pre-scheduled on September 24th) Yi-Ju Chen (IPHT - Leibniz)
04.11.2019 Following the fate of excitons in multi-chromophoric nanoparticles Dr. Jan Vogelsang
11.11.2019 Control of quantum interference in TMDC homobilayers Dr. Kai-Qiang Lin
18.11.2019 Trilayer TMDC heterostructures and air tightness of hBN encapsulation Johannes Holler
25.11.2019 Theoretical insights on high-lying excitons with negative mass electrons in monolayer WSe2 (rescheduled to 2.1.29 @ 1 pm) Dr. Paulo Eduardo de Faria Junior
02.12.2019 TBA (rescheduled for December 17th @ 10 am - regular group meeting) Leo Waldhauser
09.12.2019 Materials for optical microresonators and optical microresonators for studying materials (including conjugated polymers) Prof. Randall Goldsmith (University of Wisconsin Madison)
13.12.2019 MINFLUX nanoscopy with pulsed-interleaved excitation (Additional Seminar - @ 2 pm) Dr. Florian Steiner (LMU)
16.12.2019 TBA Matthias Dietl
23.12.2019 !!! Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020!!!
30.12.2019 !!! Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2020!!!
13.01.2020 TBA Tobias Scharff
20.01.2020 TBA Jakob Schedlbauer
27.01.2020 TBA Robin Puchert
03.02.2020 TBA Theresa Eder

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