Prof. Dr. A. Penzkofer:

Seminar Laser Spectroscopy

Time:    Wednesday  8 10 a.m
Room:  H33
Start:    Wednesday April, 13th, 2005

Topics and Schedule

13.04.2005 Ramm,  Paul:  Lasers. An Overview  (pdf versionno more available because of too less space!
20.04.2005 Allerdings, Juri:  Absorption Spectroscopy (ppt file)
27.04.2005 Knott, Stefan:  Fluorescence Spectroscopy (ppt file)
04.05.2005 Möstl, Hans-Jürgen:  Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy (ppt file)
18.05.2005 Alfons Penzkofer:  Raman Spectroscopy (ppt file)
25.05.2005 Hautmann, Matthias:  Laser Spectroscopy in Molecular Beams (ppt file)
01.06.2005 Olbrich, Peter:  Optical Pumping and Double-Resonance Techniques (pdf file)
08.06.2005 Betthausen, Christian:  Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy (ppt file)
15.06.2005 Hössl, Rainer:  Coherent Spectroscopy (ppt file)
22.06.2005 Vierheilig, Clemens:  Spectroscopy of Collision Processes (pdf file)
29.06.2005 Wagner, Anton:  Laser Microscopy (Near-field optical microscopy, Confocal microscopy) (ppt file)
06.07.2005 Huber, Christian:  Applications in Chemistry (ppt file)
13.07.2005 Fink, Florian:  Applications in Medicine (ppt file)

The papers can only be read by members of the University of Regensburg.

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