Research Interests

      Polymer lasers

Nonlinear Optics
      Saturable Absorption
Excited-State Absorption
Two Photon Absorption
Frequency Mixing

Linear Optics
      Optical Constants of Thin Films (Refractive Index and Absorption Coefficient)

Linear Spectroscopy
      Absorption Spectroscopy
Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Characterization of Biological Photo Sensors
Characterization of Luminescent Polymers
      Fluorescence Excitation Spectroscopy

Ultrafast Spectroscopy
      Picosecond Laser Spectroscopy
Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy

Materials Research
      Organic Dyes
Colour Centres in Crystals
Laser Dyes in Polymers
Luminescent Polymers
            Laser Active Luminescent Polymers
Non-Laser-Active Luminescent Polymers
      Organic LED Materials
Natural and Artificial Photo-Receptors
            Blue Light Photoreceptors (LOV-Domains, Cryptochromes, BLUF Domains)
Flavins (FMN, FAD, Riboflavin, Lumiflavin, Lumichrom)
Coumaric Acid

15.05.2008 Sigrid Koenig